Implant-Supported Dentures and Hybrids

Implant-supported dentures and hybrids are not only easier and more comfortable to wear than traditional dentures, they also greatly improve your quality of life by restoring comfort, chewing efficiency and overall enjoyment of food. Other areas of increased comfort include less pressure on the tissue and underlying bone, reduced bone loss and fewer instances of numbness and tingling.

Bar and Locator Attachment-Supported Full or Partial Dentures

Two or more dental implants support a metal bar that the removable partial or full denture clips on to using attachments called locators. This offers denture stability by preventing or limiting denture movement and sore spots and improves function, speech and comfort.

Implant-Supported Screw-Retained Hybrid Prosthesis

With a fixed implant-supported hybrid prosthesis, you will look and feel better and will enjoy all the benefits of natural teeth. You will no longer have to tolerate the discomfort of a removable appliance, and you will prevent further bone reduction and other negative oral health issues.

The screw-retained hybrid is a fixed (non-removable) prosthesis supported by five or more dental implants. The prosthesis is called “fixed” because it is screwed into the implants and is not removed for daily cleaning or before sleeping. The screw-retained hybrid process involves the fabrication of a removable appliance (denture) prior to implant placement. During implant surgery — coordinated with one of our trusted surgeons — the remaining upper or lower teeth are removed and implants are placed with the assistance of Dr. Connolly or Dr. Munoz.

When solid placement of the implants in the bone is achieved, usually the day of implant surgery, Dr. Connolly or Dr. Munoz convert the pre-made upper or lower appliance to fit the implants. This appliance is screwed on to the implants and is worn for approximately three to six months as a temporary appliance while the bone grows around the implants. After healing is completed, the final upper or lower screw-retained hybrid prosthesis is made.