Partial Dentures

When some teeth are missing or require removal, but other teeth are healthy and strong and can be used as anchor teeth, a cast metal removable partial denture may be the appropriate choice. Removable partial dentures stay in place with metal clasps that are fitted around your natural teeth or with precision attachments that are less visible. Often a combination of crown(s) and a removable partial denture are used to help the anchor teeth, support the partial denture or to provide for the precision attachments.

Immediate or Complete Full Dentures

When complete tooth loss has occurred, replacement of all upper and/or lower teeth can be achieved with full dentures. When complete tooth loss is impending, immediate dentures can be made before your teeth are removed and are available for immediate placement the day the teeth are taken out. During the denture fabrication process, our doctors will work to create dentures that are both functionally and esthetically pleasing.